Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cats and Dogs and a Chicken at Esther Bone

(article written by Rob Nankin)

The Esther Bone Memorial Library has a new art exhibit on display. “Pet Portraits” is the title of this month’s show offered by the Rio Rancho Art Association in cooperation with the library. The exhibit was hung on December 4th and will be in place through the holidays until January 8th.
According to Paula Scott, coordinator of the art exhibits at Esther Bone and member of the art association, this display is meant to be light hearted and fun. “For many the upcoming holidays can be very stressful. The Pet Portraits exhibit is intended to lift the spirits and lighten the hearts of all who come to see it.”

(mixed media work done by Paula Scott)

The mediums used for the paintings include oil, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil and mixed media. There is also photography and all works of art are framed and hung on the Esther Bone Library’s red art wall and on the yellow wall in the Friends of the Library bookstore.

(oil paintings pictured here are by Annette Kornbrekke)

One of the portraits is a nearly life sized painting of a Great Dane and was created by Rio Rancho City Councilor Delma Petrullo. The Great Dane portrait is the centerpiece on the red art wall and entertains the library patrons as he looks out at them while they are reading in the quiet study area.

(nearly life sized oil painting done by Delma Petrullo)

Most of the art work is paintings of the artist’s pets and there are many cats and dogs on display. One of the portraits however is of a pet chicken! Russell Sabin, a very talented 86 year old artist, created the chicken. Many library patrons feel that that the chicken is keeping the dogs and cats in line.

(pet chicken portrait done in oil by Russell Sabin)

Many of the artists on display at Esther Bone do commission work and their contact information is attached to each exhibited piece. The library does not handle any sale of the art work as each artist would need to be contacted directly.
Library staff would like to encourage people to visit Esther Bone often to see the beautiful paintings and photography on display. While visiting patrons may want to look for books from the library’s vast selection in the art and artists subject area.
If you cannot make it to the library to see the exhibit please visit the Rio Rancho Art Association's blog at or visit the association's website at The library is located at 950 Pinetree Rd. SE. For more information you may also call 891-5012.

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