Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July Membership Meeting Guest Speaker: Sharon Bloom

(The Dalai Lama encaustic portrait by Sharon Bloom)
Have you ever wondered if encaustic art was for you? Or what it involved? Now, here is your chance to find out more about it! 
Sharon Bloom will be doing the program presentation on encaustic art at our July RRAA membership meeting. 
Sharon will be doing a powerpoint slideshow and she will also have with her materials and examples to show the group. Sharon will also discuss the history of encaustic, different ways it is used today, and safety concerns when working with beeswax. If you were wondering if working in encaustic was safe, expensive, difficult, etc. be sure to attend July's membership meeting and find out!
About Sharon:
Sharon Sperry Bloom is an Albuquerque painter and photographer specializing in encaustic painting. She is a passionate proponent of artistic self-expression and enjoys working with both emerging artists and with career artists who are exploring new paths. Her work is currently exhibited at the Encaustic Art Institute.

("Crane" encaustic art by Sharon Bloom)

RRAA monthly membership meeting time and location can be found on our 'membership meeting' page of this blog. You need not be a member to attend and there is no charge (although we hope that you will become a member!).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Send a "Take Down Notice"

 (Internet Pirate Flag by Joshernaut at Deviantart)

So many artist's are very hesitant to post any of their work these days on the internet for fear of their image getting 'pirated' and published elsewhere without attribution. This is especially problematic for photographer's.
What do you do? Sending a 'cease and desist' note to the webmaster never produces your desired result.

Carolyn E. Wright has posted an article called "How To Send a DCMA Takedown Notice" in Legal Matters that explains very well how to proceed when you see a copyright infringement of your work:

Copyright infringement on the Web is so pervasive that it’s easy to resign yourself to it as a fact of life — something out of your control. When photographers send cease-and-desist letters and/or demands for payment to infringers, these are often ignored, which can be very frustrating. But there is another solution, thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA): you can send a takedown notice to the infringer’s ISP. Here’s how to do it (read more here).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ever wanted to make your own watercolors?

The following tutorial would be a fantastic project for anyone working in watercolor. Might I suggest Duff Goldman's Color Gels for the food coloring portion of the recipe? The colors are fantastic.

{Tutorial} Color Your World
 with Handmade Watercolors

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Delma...

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago today around 7 a.m., I got that dreaded phone call from Debbie Moore telling me that we had lost you.
Even though I knew you were going to leave us, it didn't make it any easier or lessen the blow.
But, I think, 3 years later, you would be proud of how the art organization that you founded, Rio Rancho Art Association, has matured and the direction that it is taking.
The community outreach programs that you wanted to see happen (and we have a handful of outreach programs!) has been happening and is gaining momentum. 
You would also be proud of the people who keep coming forth to volunteer-we actually have many more new faces that step up to volunteer. Gone are the days when it was the same small and weary cast of characters who were always the ones to volunteer.
And, I think you'd be most proud of the direction RRAA is going in-we are about to file for our non-profit status (although, I am still holding my breath). I believe that soon, we really will, once and for all, have that non-profit status that you so wanted to see happen for RRAA.
Keep rooting for us from where you are. You are missed by many.

Hugs and much love,


Saturday, June 2, 2012

How To Photograph A Lunar Eclipse

 Have you been frustrated with your attempts to photograph a lunar eclipse (or wanted to but didn't know how)?

Nikon, Inc. has a great article written by Fred Espenak that breaks it down to the simplicity and science behind doing this.

(image: © Fred Espenak)

You can read more about how to do this at Nikon's blog site (use the link through to get to it).