Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Small Wonders featuring the ceramics of Phyllis Popp

Small Wonders featuring the ceramics of Phyllis Popp.

The Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space
7400 Montgomery Blvd NE
Opening Reception December 4th 5-8pm
This is part of the Albuquerque 1st Friday "meet the artists" events.
Show runs December 2-26

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nina Baldwin is Featured Artist at KISS Cafe

The above image is titled, "Gathering", from the series, "Women Gathering", about women supporting one another...it is an acrylic painting, 36" x 12" in beautiful saturated colors in a soft watercolor technique with patterns and textures added...prints available!

Nina Baldwin will be the featured artist in a solo show at KISS Cafe. The show is in conjunction with the annual big kickoff of the Christmas season, the Holiday Stroll, in Old Town, Albuquerque. The show will take place the weekend of Dec. 4th, 5th and 6th. Come meet the artist on Friday, December 4th at a reception from 5pm to 7pm. KISS Cafe is located in Old Town at 404 San Felipe St. on beautiful Patio Escondido.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pig Out Palace

The following was submitted by Gordon Vanus. Are they not too much fun? Check out his website at the end of this post for more images.


Priscilla and I got home late last week from our fall trip to Maryland. We managed to beat the storms on our return. We've driven by the Pig Out Place several times in our I-40 travels and have found the signs intriguing. We haven't got up the nerve to eat there yet but maybe someday. Online it is rated 4.5 stars out of 5. If you interested it is located midway between Oklahoma City and Fort Smith Ark.

I've updated my website with trip pictures. You'll find them under "What's New".


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unbroken Journey, A New Mexico Fiber Arts Collection

Nancy Kozikowski's embroidery piece entitled "Pear Still Life"

Rio Rancho's first all-fiber arts show, featuring several of New Mexico's outstanding
hand weavers with national and international reputations opens Friday, Dec. 4,
with a reception from 6-8 p.m. at the gallery of the Inn at Rio Rancho and Conference Center.
Co-curators of the show, entitled “Unbroken Journey, A New Mexico Fiber
Arts Collection,” are Rio Rancho weaver and Rio Rancho Art Association member,
John Curran along with Espanola rag rug weaver Sandy Voss.

“Since this is the first such exhibit in Rio Rancho we wanted to showcase examples of the diverse weaving styles for which New Mexico is famous along with some of the contemporary work flourishing here, “ said Curran. “It simply wasn’t possible to show examples of every weaving style in New Mexico, so we settled on a collection of styles which we reflect in the invitational show’s title.”

Among the weavers taking part in the show, are Nancy Kozikowski and Susan Klebanoff, both tapestry artists with work in collections around the world. Also participating is Lisa Trujillo, owner with her husband, Irvin, of Centinela Traditional Arts Gallery
in Chimayo specializing in Chimayo and Rio Grande weaving styles, Donna Contractor, Pat Dozier, Connie Enzman-Forneris and Letitia Roller.

A video of Nancy Kozikowski demonstrating some of her weaving process.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mixed Media and Me

I've been working in various art forms for years, and I have been involved in Mixed Media work for the last ten years or so. I think one of the reasons I like Mixed Media is that it can include anything and everything so if I get bored with one thing, I can change to challenge myself with other materials. Working in Mixed Media lets me explore techniques in painting, sculpting, sewing, and soldering (to name a few), as well as work in paper, fabric, canvas, wood, polymer clay, glass, whatever I can think of. Going to the hardware store, for example, and finding materials to work with in my art turns a boring shopping trip into a creative challenge. Try it some day and you'll find that a bag of nails will never look the same to you!

When I get stuck on one idea and I feel like I can't get beyond a preconceived notion, I can transfer the skills and techniques from one medium to another. One of my favorite expressions is Collage and I have explored Collage techniques with paper, fiber and metal. What makes a composition interesting? What kind of composition moves your eye so the whole piece becomes more than the sum of its parts? How can I use color, form and texture to my advantage in expressing myself and my work? I find the answers to these questions in working with the assets of a certain material as well as its limitations. I also find that answering these questions in one medium can, and does, transfer to other media. So an answer to one may be an answer to all.

An important part of my artwork is playing. I put on good music and lay out some materials and just fool around seeing what materials will do -- when used together, when heated, when covered up and then exposed -- anything that comes into my mind. I have found techniques that have worked for me countless times by this type of directed play. I also find that play lends itself to group endeavors. It can get awfully isolated working by myself all the time so I asked two friends to come over last week. We worked for two afternoons playing around with making little 3-D projects. I put out paints, glitter, rhinestones, paper, small wooden shapes, oil sticks, and pencils. Not only did we have a ball, but we made some pretty fun things. Give three artists the same materials and watch what different art we can come up with! The laughs and camaraderie in working together and watching what each other does makes it fun and inspiring. A technique one uses inspires us all in different ways.

So to end my first blog entry, I say go forth and multiply (those art supplies and ideas)! Best to all of my new friends at RRAA, Annie Onderdonk

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Work On Display

Sorry about the first post. accidently hit return and it posted simply saying "art".

Anyway, just wanted to post that my photographic work is on display for sale at the New Mexico Rail Runner/Santa Fe Southern train depot in Santa Fe, Also at the Range Cafe' in Bernalillo and at the New Mexico Veteran's Artists Association's Gallery in the BX on Kirtland AFB. If you happen to visit any of these venue's sometime soon please stop by and check them out.

Kristian Thompson



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maggie Cordova's Kids ROCK!!!

I just finished up showing a class of fifth graders some of my art. I have to say that I am amazed at how well behaved and intelligent they were. They asked some great questions and loved my art. I am deeply humbled by that last fact.

Mersad, the art teacher, was very generous letting me talk for almost an hour about recycling objects and learning to design with them. Her class is going to be making a dragon sculpture for the front of the school out of recycled aluminum cans. She has asked me to help her with this project. I think it will a lot of fun working with these little rapscallions ( that's another word I use like "Yea big" to describe something or someone).

Talking up my art really gave me motivation to finish other projects that I am working toward. I feel energized and excited to get back to creating. I have enough styrofoam to do just about anything I can dream up, and enough molds to make everything I can imagine.

Imagination is a great device for producing something wonderful. Even if it sits inside your head for years and years. You can build it up layer by layer until the finished project is completely imagined, then begin to create it in reality.

Sometimes you will need outside help to finish a project if you don't have all the understanding and tools at hand. I have had to ask others for help with something I want to create so I can make it just the way I see it in my head. There is a lot of trial and error involved in the creating process, but if you try something and it doesn't work, don't throw it out-it may work for something else later.

The biggest problem with recycled art is storage. But thankfully, I have a storage shed out back. I am not worried about anyone stealing my stuff...it's all trash anyway ;o}

Thank you kids for making my day! Can't wait till we start on the dragon.

Thank you Mersad for calling me to work with the kids.

Thank you Melissa Martinez for helping me schlepp all the stuff in and again to the kids for schlepping it all out again (that's another word that fits what I have to do with all this stuff).

Thank you God that You have helped me overcome my intense shyness! (I bet no one really believes I am very shy and timid)

New Works Juried Show 2010

Hey, everyone it is time to start planning for the second New Works Juried Show. I'm seeking volunteers to help plan and execute a hugely successful show. Please let me know if you are interested in being on the committee.

Linda Laitner

Monday, September 28, 2009

In Loving Memory

This should be the motto of EVERY politician:

"I am not a politician, I'm here to serve my constituents."

It seems that most if not all politicians loose focus of this (if they ever had it to begin with) and end up serving everything else but their constituents. But, not so with Delma Petrullo. She always went around saying that she is a lousy politician because she was here to serve her constituents.

She had the ability too, to make a huge impact on anyone that she crossed paths with. A very unique and special person she was.

This past Sept. 4th, the City of Rio Rancho dedicated and planted a tree in her memory. It was the first kind of tree memorial the city has had (you too can get one for someone for a mere $300.00 which is a lifetime guarantee along with the dedication plaque).

The dedication took place early on a Friday morning on September 4th, 2009.

And many of our city's firemen were there too along with family and friends. Although, I did wonder why there was nary a police officer from the city there. A curious thing indeed.

This past Sept. 24th, she would've been 61 years old/young. She accomplished a lot in so little time. I can't even begin to imagine what she would've accomplished had she stayed around a bit longer...

Linda Laitner image included in the New Mexico BioPark Auction

One of my award winning photographs was donated to the Bio Park Society for their fund raising event. The auction is up and running through October 7th.

You can view the image being auctioned here (and feel free to bid on it!).

Linda Laitner images juried into the Hubbard Museum Competition

The Hubbard Museum of the American West, located in Ruidoso Downs, NM has announced that two of my images were accepted for the 18th Annual Fall American Photography Competition and Exhibition. The exhibit is being shown through December 13.

The two images accepted were: "Wilderness Signage" taken at the Ah-shi-sle-pah Wilderness Study Area in Northern New Mexico and "Protection" taken on Johnson Mesa near Raton.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Please join us for a duo watercolor demonstration! Peg Weyers will be demonstrating representational techniques and Nina Baldwin will be demo-ing more abstract techniques...Monday, September 14th, at Destiny Center, 4401 Northern Ave. in Rio Rancho. The meeting starts at 6:30. The public is welcome...no charge...refreshments...come visit with fun people!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

RRAA Holiday Boutique

Our Program Chair and miracle worker, Nina Baldwin, has managed to get live music to add to our upcoming holiday boutique. What could be better than original art, meeting the artists, live music and delicious refreshments from our hospitality committee! Mark Nov 2, 5 pm - 9 pm on your calendar, and plan to come and enjoy the evening with us!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Laverne Elliott Now Showing at the Blue Portal

"Chimayo Church" by Laverne Elliott

Oil painting of the Chimayo Church here in New Mexico done by RRAA artist, Laverne Elliott.

Laverne is now exhibiting some of her work at the Blue Portal Gallery located in Old Town, Albuquerque.

In 2008, The Blue Portal Gallery marked its 30th year of business. It is located on historic Church Street in Old Town, Albuquerque. The shop exclusively sells work by New Mexico Artist and Craft Makers age 55 and older. Members of the Assistance League founded Blue Portal in 1978 to serve the local senior community and tap into the growing art market in the Albuquerque area. This is a non profit organization and is run by volunteers of the Assistance League. Hours are 10:00 to 4:30 Tuesday through Saturday and 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Sundays. The Blue Portal is now showing the art work of Laverne Elliott.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why Donate Art?

As artists we are regularily asked to donate art, and every artist has to make decisions to donate or not to donate. For me the criteria is simple:
1. If I were wealthy would I donate generously to this cause?
2. If I had the time would I donate 20, 30 or 40 hours to this cause?
If the answer is yes to both then I am happy to donate a painting. If I spent 40 hours stuffing envelopes to help a cause, why not spend those 40 hours painting (lots more fun!!) and then donate the results to the cause? Call me crazy but I think painting is more fun than menial labor, and if my painting can bring them in a fair amount then it is worth more to them than me with the enevelopes.

Once the decision to donate is made -- and I make it purely on the basis of the criteria I have mentioned -- then consider the potential benefits. I say potential because there is no guarantees this will happen, but it is possible your art will advertise itself through your donation. You may gain publicity, recognition or even sales from that donation. So you help a cause you believe in, enjoy the process, and get some possible business help in the process -- what could be better?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Annual New Mexico Photographers Art Show

Hi, some of the individuals from the Enchanted Lens Camera club have band together with Expo New Mexico to have a photographers only juried show Dec 3 - 23. The juried show will accept entries on Sept 1 - Spet 30. For full information please read the information attached.

Rules for Entry

Mission: The Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Show was created in order to provide an opportunity for the photographers of New Mexico to share, display and sell their images in a premier gallery setting that showcases local artists. The goal in this undertaking is to encourage statewide support of photographic artists and the activities and education of photography. ANMPAS will promote events that will feature the best photographic images from the best New Mexico photographers.

Who is Eligible: The show is open to all photographers who are currently residents of the State of New Mexico.

The 2009 Exhibit: This exhibit will be held at the New Mexico Expo from December 3rd to December 23rd. The exhibit is free and open to the general public. It will be comprised of the best images, according to the jury, from the entries. All selected prints will be prominently and elegantly displayed at the Fine Arts building. An opening reception will be held for all exhibitors and invited guests. This show will be advertised in the print media as well as radio and television.

Invitational Rules:

§ All photographic processes and formats are eligible
§ All prints selected for the show must be priced and for sale
§ All sales proceeds will be split 70% to photographer and 30% to ANMPAS.
§ All prints selected for the show must be matted and framed in compliance with the show’s size and gallery presentation requirements
§ Each photographer will be allowed to enter a maximum of 3 prints
§ Entry fees will be $10.00 per print entered for jurying

2009 Categories for entry: Photographers will enter their prints in the following categories. Prints in these categories will be judged for awards. The judges reserve the right to move prints from one category to another based on appropriateness.

§ Portrait
§ Scenic
§ Floral and Botanical
§ Panorama
§ Still Life
§ Wildlife
§ Miscellaneous

How to Enter: Images produced in all formats and types, including digital media, are eligible. Entries may be submitted in one of the following ways:
1. By email to the following address: ANMPASentry@comcast.net in digital form. Images submitted will be uploaded along with an entry form to be completed and attached to the email with the entered images. Entry fees may be paid at the following PayPal address: ANMPAS@paypal.com or by sending a check or money order made payable to ANMPAS to: ANMPAS Entry, 158 Tierra Encantada, Corrales, NM 87048.

2. Entries may also be submitted by printing the form, sending it with your images on a CD, and including a check made payable to ANMPAS. The address for submission is ANMPAS Entry, 158 Tierra Encantada, Corrales, NM 87048. Please include your name on the CD.

The submission period will be from September 1st to October 1st. Entries received after October 1st will be disqualified.

Print files will be no larger than 2.5 megapixels, in JPG format, saved at maximum quality, with the longest dimension no larger than 1024 pixels, at a resolution of 72 dpi, in sRGB color space.
Files will be named as follows:
Lastname_firstname_image1.jpg, with no spaces in filename. If you are entering multiple entries, each should be assigned a number of image1, image2, and image3.
Example: Perea_LeRoy_image2.jpg
No borders, embedded marks or logos should be used with the digital files.

All files will be destroyed at the conclusion of the show.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of professional photographers. This panel will select the best eligible images to be shown at the 1st Annual New Mexico Photo Art Show. The exhibit will be shown at the Fine Arts building at the New Mexico Expo from December 5th to December 23rd.

The judging panel will award a 1st place winner in each category. A Best of Show award will be determined from those winners.

Submission of selected images: Photographers will be notified of their selection into the show by Oct. 15th. Upon notification, selected photographers will be responsible for submitting a high quality print that has been matted and framed. All prints should adhere to gallery style matting and framing. Mattes should be white, gray, or black, and all prints must be framed using glass or Plexiglas in a simple black metal or wood frame. The printed image should be a minimum size of 11 X 14 inches. The maximum image size should not exceed 20 X 24 inches. The minimum size of your framed photograph should be 15 X 19 inches. The maximum size of the framed print should not exceed 26 x 30 inches. Panoramic or odd sized images should be 150 square inches not to exceed 480 square inches. Prints not meeting these standards will be disqualified. All prints should include a title of no more than 10 words. Additional information on preparing your prints for the exhibition will be available at www.ANMPAS.com.

Entry Checklist:

ü Submit up to 3 jpg prints by email or mail CD of files.
ü If entering by email, attach entry form to email.
ü If entering by email, send payment for entry fee by Paypal or mail
ü If submitting entry by mail, include CD, entry form, and payment.

All entries and payments must be received no later than October 1st.

For a copy of the entry form and additional information please log on to www.ANMPAS.com.

Questions should be directed to LeRoy Perea at leroyphoto@comcast.net

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Alchemy of Creation or, Why We Create

Ever stop to think about why you are an artist?

Artist and visionary thought leader, Jan Phillips did and put it to video and words quite nicely. Click here to see what her answer was.

When Lightening Strikes...

Photos taken by Gordon Vanus who lives in the East Mountains of the Albuquerque metro area.

(Here's what Gordon wrote to me when he sent me these images) "Last Saturday night we had the biggest electrical storm in a couple of years. The good news is it was a ways off and I was able to stand out on the front porch and take some pictures. The bad news was it had been so long since I tried to photograph lighting I had forgotten how I had set up the camera before. Before the stormed passed I started to get the hang of it."

All I can say is that it is a heck of a lot better than I would've been able to muster! Thanks, Gordon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Remembering Delma

Delma M. Petrullo

September 24, 1948-June 3, 2009

You Can Make A Difference

By Getting Involved

Today makes it one month since Delma passed away. If you are new to this organization, then perhaps you did not get a chance to know what a remarkable person Delma was. For those of us who have been here for a few years, we know that we have all been affected in positive ways. I can't even begin to do her justice! I think, though, if you were to Google her name, it might give you a good glimmer that she was a force to be reckoned with. And that she had laid the groundwork for many good causes. We are all the fortunate recipients of that work.

Not only are we the recipients, but we can all choose to become the ones who will continue what she has started and see to it that the legacy she left us is carried on. It's always better to be a part of the solution instead of a critic to the problems. I do hope that you make an active choice to get involved. It is your community; much can be gained by your investing into it.We all know that "many hands make the work light".

I will end here with an image of a jar of paintbrushes from Delma's studio. These were the ones that she used for "texture". There are a variety of brushes in this jar. Some can make a lot of marks in one stroke, some make very tiny, detailed marks.One brush has only four hairs on it! The point is, this is who we are as a collective group. Some of us are able to make those broad strokes, and some of us do the fine, small strokes. All are important in painting that big picture. You don't have to be the one who does the broad strokes. Your contribution is needed and valued whether it is a broad, medium or detailed stroke. It all contributes in creating that big picture!

I would also encourage you to leave a comment to this post. I will be showing the post and comments to Delma's husband, Robert. I can't tell you how much it means to him to read how his wife has affected so many people. If you choose to use the "anonymous" method of commenting (to avoid creating a Blogger account), please use your name at the end of the comment so that we know who it is from.

Now, go out there and make a difference!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fiber Arts Fiesta 2009

Newly joined member, Paula Snyder, a mixed media artist won first and third place in the doll category of the New Mexico Fiber Arts 2009 Fiesta!

Congratulations, Paula and welcome to the Rio Rancho Art Association!

To find out more about Paula and the dolls that she made, go visit her blog at Second Studio. Or, her website, Second Studio Mixed Media Art Gallery.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More photos from Studio Tour 2009

These photos are from Stop #5. Please forgive me but I don't have my list to show the names of who was at what stops. Feel free to fill in the blanks for me. My most sincere apologies

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Artist In Residence Programs

Did you know that most of our National Parks have an "Artist In Residence" program? Each park has different stipulations as to what it entails, but all you need do is to type in a search for your favorite National Park and look for the program within their site. Even if there is none listed on the website, you might want to contact the park directly since information posted to these sites rarely happens in real time.

If you applied to the Hubbell Trading Post and got accepted, you would be staying on site at this hogan:

That's where RRAA member, Linda Laitner will be staying later on this year as SHE got accepted as an artist in residence at the Hubbell Trading Post in Arizona!

Congratulations, Linda!

Naturescapes 2009 Photo Salon at the Natural History Museum

The New Mexico Natural History Museum had a call for Naturescape Photography to be displayed May 23 through August 30, 2009. The theme was, "Being There: Photographers in Their Natural Habitat". It was a juried show and the catch was that you (the photographer) had to be in the image as "proof of your being there".

Only 30 images will be displayed in this exhibition. I put all my eggs in one basket and submitted one image I took back in March at a Wilderness area near Chaco Canyon called, Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah.

No Photoshop magic was used for this image. It was quite a comical scene to be running back and forth from my camera on the tripod, trying to figure out where I will be in the picture plane all while striking a pose. The timer on my camera is only 12 seconds, so that's how much time I had to "run and pose"! It's a good thing the shot was done in the middle of nowhere!

I'm happy to announce that my image made it into the show and won one of three honorable mentions! What a thrill!

Friday, May 8, 2009

John Curran and Nora Sanders at thier home with some of Nora's Chinese Brush art work in the background. (Stop 4)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Part of the 2009 Studio Tour photos

The Taylor's display thier crafts during the 2009 Studio Tour (Stop 1)

Carol Sanna with some over her photography (Stop 2)

Marilyn Meuret works on one of her wood carvings (Stop 3)

Van Emery stands beside one of her favorite paintings (Stop 3)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thinking Outside the Box with Collage Media

From the Daniel Smith website:

One of the many reasons why I like turning to the art supply company called Daniel Smith is because their published catalogs always contain great articles and technique tips for various kinds of mediums. They also have many articles available on line (their on line instruction site).

Here are some various articles on working with collage as a medium:
"Painting Outside the Box" by Pat Weaver.

Or, how about a watercolor stained paper technique demonstrated by Brenda Swenson?

Explore other possibilities with artist Dixie Parker-Fairbanks.

Sandra Duran-Wilson lives up in Santa Fe is a mixed media collage artist. I love visiting her blog and she sometimes does demos for the Artisan Art Supply Store. You can also take classes at her studio in Santa Fe. Her background is very extensive, so if you want a lot of 'bang for the buck' so to speak, consider taking a class or scheduling a class with her.

I could go on and on with the list of sources for exploring collage as a medium. But, I won't! Aren't you glad??

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Studio Tour 2009 at Lucky 13

Images from a happy group of studio tour participants.
Linda working oun her next project while hanging out between customers.

Delma and Friend

Michael Shaw's metal sculptures

Paula visiting with the photos


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Digits, Numbers and Memes

I participate in several weekly memes. What's a meme? From Wikipedia:

A meme (pronounced /miːm/ - rhyming with "dream"), a postulated unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, gets transmitted from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena.

For an expanded explanation, click here.

Here are some examples of the memes that are out there (and there are many more than this):

Ruby Tuesday

ABC Wednesday

Inspire Me Thursday

Illustration Friday

Sky Watch Friday

Shadow Shot Sunday

One Word Project

I am a regular with Shadow Shot Sunday and ABC Wednesday.

It's good to see what others do with the same subject matter. It keeps the creative process fresh. And, along the way, I've developed some great friendships with others from around the world. My readership base has increased tremendously. Over 3500 hits since December.

For the ABC Wednesday meme (where we go through the alphabet and each Wednesday is the next letter) this week's letter was "N". I would encourage all of you to go to David Mcmahon's blog and see what he posted for the letter, "N" which has to do with digits and numbers. David lives in Australia. He always has something profound and insightful to say. Which is why he gets over 250 hits a day! Google had listed his blog as a "blog of note". But, really, go visit his blog and read his post. Truly enlightening!

I would also encourage you to leave comments at the blogs you visit. It's a nice thing to do in "bloglandia". Including this one! ; )

Friday, April 17, 2009

Chinese Brush Painting

Wistful Wiseria by Nora Curran

Artist Statement:

"Wistful Wisteria gently blowing in the breeze of New Mexico. The gnarled and twisted stem belies the softness and elegance of the flowers but I love the contradiction: something beautiful stemming out of the dry, twisted old trunk. To the Chinese, Wisteria symbolizes prosperity and good luck in one's job and career. The media used: Chinese ink and Chinese water colors on Xuan paper. The red square on the right is a seal with my Chinese name and signature."

Nora will be demonstrating her brush painting technique at the next Rio Rancho Art Association membership meeting on Monday, May 4th at the Destiny Center in Rio Rancho. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. You need not be a member to attend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Empty Easel Dot Com

Every now an then I stumble across something that is "the greatest thing since sliced bread".
I ran across a website for artists that is rather comprehensive, called Empty Easel. This website has only been up for two years and as far as I'm concerned, they get a whole bunch of thumbs up. They have something for everyone in every medium you can think of. I found them while doing a quest for tutorials on stretching canvas.

There are quite a few tutorials, you can submit articles, submit your art, learn how to sell your art on line, a business advice section, research, featured artists by medium, an electronic newsletter to subscribe to, and on and on. I hope you check it out and go back often as it is NOT a static site at all! The two geniuses behind all of this have also sell a website service called foliotwist. If you re looking for a way to get your own website up and sell your work on line, and want full control over managing your site (and you really should), this is a great way to go. I've looked at what they have to offer and one of the features that really has me sold (other than having full control over the site with the ability to send out an electronic newsletter to your clients) is that there is no limit to how many images you can have on the site. The list of bells and whistles goes on and on-I am truly impressed. Especially with the flat monthly rate which is affordable. I won't tell you what that rate is; you'll have to click on the link and find out for yourself!

Even if you don't utilize their web services (which is foliotwist), the Empty Easel site is chock full of information and many great resources. I would encourage each and everyone of you to take advantage of what is there and perhaps to submit your art or an article to them. Who knows what will happen?

I should also mention that Daniel Smith has a great section of on line instruction and video demonstrations. Do you have other on line teaching resources and sites that you would like to write about and share?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Artists are continually hit for donations by worth causes, and RRAA as a group is no exception. With our dual goals of A - Promoting art and artists, and B - using our art to aid people and the communities in which we live we are presented with some interesting questions on how to best present donation requests. Do we simply present any and all requests from legitimate organizations or do we only present those from art oriented organizations ? or only ones that help kids? or? Do we request they do a few things for our artists, like returning the art that does not sell? Do we ask that the minimum bid and the value set by the artist go untouched?

The outreach committee is weighing this issue, and would love to have feedback from one and all. Any thoughts?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just for fun...if you would like to watch a video of VanGogh's masterpieces put to music (kindly provided by Noah, grandson of Sue Hanauer) go to:
vangogh.pps It's great!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

About artists blogs

Just a quick note to show you a link to a new blog I have started reading.

An Art Producer's Perspective

Naturally it has more to do with photography but hey that's the way this post goes. There is one post that I found interesting and you may also regarding Artists with Blogs. You will find a selection of art related blogs that she likes which you might like.

Have fun reading


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paint With an Artist (with Anime model)

A community program event sponsored by RRAA in partnership with the Esther Bone Library called, "Paint With an Artist (or draw)" using a live model dressed in Anime costume.

Our model Mandi (she came up with the concept of being a model in Anime costume). Her character is called, Chii and this is from the Anime series called, "Chobits".

Overview shot of the set up that we had there at the library.

Seth (camera shy) with his work in progress.

Hartell (I'm not sure if I have his name spelled correctly) with his work in progress. He too, was camera shy.

Arick with his painting in progress.

Joshua with his work in progress. This was his first time using the watercolor as a paint medium. He is an old pro with the oils.

Iyliana (I 'm not sure if I have her name spelled correctly here too) with her work. She was fearless in her approach!

Joanne McDevitt (who paired up with Arick) here with Model Mandi and Arick, along with his completed work. Good job, huh?

Here's Seth's completed drawing. Since he was camera shy, this is all we get to see folks! I love the content that he added to his work.

Joshua's painting. Pretty neat, huh?

Joshua with our model, Mandi along with his completed work. By the way, some of Joshua's work will be on exhibit at the Esther Bone Library (the "yellow wall" in the reading room) from March 5th through May 2nd. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Thank you Mandi, for the concept and time! And to the library manager, Rob Nankin for the collaboration on this project. Last, but not least, thank you to the artists who donated their time and supplies to give these students a chance to experience something very unique and different. Thanks to Annette Kornbrekke, Joanne McDevitt, Sue Beck, Naomi Hartman and to Nan Adamson. I would say that this was a complete success!