Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm delighted to be a new member of the Rio Rancho Art Association and invite you to visit my website at I teach several workshops each year and my first workshop for 2010 will be held this May in Rio Rancho. We'll be painting plein air along the Rio Grande River. You can check out more information about it on my events calendar at

I practically grew up in Red River, NM, and my grandfather was the pharmacist in Taos in the early 1900's when the Taos Society of artists was forming. I have a cousin who was one of the casualties from Taos in the Bataan Death March. So, you see, that even though I moved here from Texas, I have a lot of Northern New Mexico in my history.

I recently posted a YouTube movie sample of a PowerPoint presentation I use in some of my workshops. You can view it below or on Youtube at

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Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Mike-what an awesome presentation! Very succinct and informative.
Thank you for posting it here.