Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Artist Demos at the Inn at Rio Rancho

As a part of the month long exhibit of a juried art show at the Inn at Rio Rancho ("Art on the Rio"), the Rio Rancho Art Association artists were there on Mother's Day to show the public what they can do. The demos were free to the public.

(photo credit: John Curran)
Joanne McDevitt demonstrates her portraiture prowess...

(photo credit: John Curran)

Irma Fath hard at work. Now, you know there is no water in sight here at the Inn. And, yet, there it appears on her canvas. The mighty Rio Grande river...

(photo credit: John Curran)
Nora Curran Sanders is absorbed in her Chinese brush painting.

Marilyn Meuret seems to be charming these people with her wood carving skills. Her work is absolutely amazing. I don't know how she does it!

(photo credit: John Curran)

OK, here's how she does it!

(photo credit: John Curran)

These are the talented hands of Nina Baldwin working the details out on a small canvas.

A very special thanks to Nora and John Curran  for providing us with these fantastic images of the event.

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Nina Baldwin said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks John and Nora!! Chocolate-covered strawberries, giant cups of coffee and plenty of chatting in the beautiful courtyard at the Inn at Rio Rancho...what could be better?!