Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An ART-Rageous Success!

Well, maybe not in sales exactly, but we had a great time!! In spite of reduced set-up time the artists were able to erect and beautify their booths in record time.

The reception was well-attended and the food ran out (boohoo), but the music by Tony Russell was good and the Raffle for St. Felix Pantry was a big winner. We raised $305 for them and had 14 entries.

We had the Kinkaids and Bear Martinez playing for us on Saturday and Tony Russell came and closed the show on Sunday afternoon.

This was the biggest thing I have ever been involved with and it took magnanimous amounts of praying to get me through. However, the team was fantastic! Kudos to our chief, Carol Sanna, who kept us on target and so much thanks goes to Naomi Hanauer who was our graphic artist designing the brochure, postcards, and signs. Wendell Unzicker did a splendid job with the advertising and Bob Crowley worked and worked to get the room and artists synchronized so we all fit. The effect was amazing!

The volunteers who sat the RRAA booth were both entertaining and knowledgeable about RRAA. They all encouraged the visitors to buy raffle tickets and point them to specific artists that they wanted to see.

Thank You's go to the Greengards who provided the sweet grapes from their vines for all to enjoy!

Carol Sanna brought her really cool camera to show customers and I have to say I was really impressed with how it works. Naomi Hanauer set up her paints and worked on a piece that she has going and Cristina Diaz-Arntzen did a punch-quilt and finished it over the course of the show.

Customers who came through were surprised at the quality of art in Rio Rancho. Few of them even heard of us unless they were friends of the artists. So we had a whole lot of exposure and even picked up about 5 new members.

We loved Sister Claire and Marge who kept the St Felix booth for us. It was great to meet people from the Pantry where we love to donate both food and money. Annette Kornbrekke, our beloved president, organized the raffle for us and she did a wonderful job and took a huge burden off our shoulders. She came back to us just in time to go to work!!!

Carmen Taylor did a great job on compiling the exit surveys. It sounds like the artists had a great time too!

Sue Hanauer

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