Monday, January 10, 2011

Delma's Work On Exhibit

Up until a few months ago, one could see Delma's work over at Joe's Pasta House-although there are still a few of her pieces on display there, it made me sad to think that there was no where else in Rio Rancho where you could see her  work. So, I asked her husband, Robert Petrullo if I could exhibit some of her work over at the Inn at Rio Rancho for the month of January. He graciously agreed and together along with Jackie Duran's help, we hung her work. It be will up throughout the month of January-you can stop by to see it any time since the Inn is open 24/7.

About the Artist

Delma M. Petrullo was not only a City Councilor for District 3 here in Rio Rancho, she was an activist for the visual arts in the city of Rio Rancho. She was the founder and past president for the Rio Rancho Art Association. Delma passed away on June 3rd, 2009 after loosing a 15 month battle with cancer.

She had been a professional artist since 1975; a multi-award winning oil painter originally from New York where she sold and exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the metropolitan area. Delma had considered her artistic style to be representational or a “transcendent realistic” style. She was an exceptional colorist and used a unique conceptual approach to her work that captured the inner essence of the subject matter.

Delma wanted to capture what she saw and sensed in nature in such a way that viewers of her art would want to become participants, having found a place in time where they would like to linger. By remaining true to the scene or subject before her, she created an overall design of connecting shapes and colors that evoke a feeling of grace and power. The vistas she depicted evoke nature’s drama and caprice. She hoped that those who would view her work could observe and appreciate nature, using her interpretations as a guide, but most of all, simply derive enjoyment from her work.

This collection of paintings span a good part of her painting career-from earlier works done while still living in New York, to work completed within a year of her passing away.

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