Thursday, November 10, 2011


I was born in Tucumcari and have lived most of my life in New Mexico. My
grandparents came here in 1900 (still Indian Territory) and homesteaded outside Tucumcari ranching (The Killgore Ranch). Everything about New Mexico influences my art, My most cherished dream was to be an artist, wife and mother, all of which I have
had. I met my husband at the University of New Mexico where I majored in
Business and minored in Art. I began drawing and coloring as a child, progressed to, palette-knife Oils,
watercolor, mixed media and beaded and polymer jewelry. Just 2 years ago, I
organized and with help from other members brought into being a
new Co-op Gallery, Galeria de Corrales, the 4th I have been a member of.
Besides painting, of which I have
completed and sold over 1000 pieces, I have taught oil and watercolor
classes since 1975, both private and
community college. I believe that no matter how accomplished you think you
are, you can always improve
by constantly evolving, trying new techniques and experimenting. Your work
will reflect this in many wonderful

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Very nice. I found you at Robert Brault's Reader. He's one of the most thought-provoking writer I've seen in a while, and I've discovered that those who visit him also have talents of their own. I'll check out some more and be back to visit again. donkimrey