Monday, May 14, 2012

Blogs, Email Marketing, Social Media, Websites-Oh, No!!!!

You do email. Perhaps begrudgingly. You hate spending much time at the computer and the thought of learning new technology has you running in the opposite direction. Which means that the thought of harnessing social media platforms, marketing yourself on the internet, let alone maintaining a website is more time than you ever want to spend on a computer. In fact, you fear that in trying to learn these things, it just might dominate too much of your time.

But, with the ever changing landscape of marketing and selling, learning how (and what) to use these tools can help you gain a presence in the art world-whether that world is only defined as your local community, or reaching farther than that. Even global. 15 years ago, global marketing required a lot of money. Not so much anymore with the advent of social media and websites. But, how does one figure out which way to go and how much time to spend with what? Art Biz coach, Alyson Stanfield (author of, "I'd Rather Be In The Studio!") has written a great article which includes a practical 'formula' in regards to how much time you should spend doing what.

How to Prioritize Your Online Marketing

by Alyson Stanfield on February 22, 2012

Understanding the mission for various online marketing platforms might just save your sanity. Once you know how you’re going to use something – or how you should be using it – it’s easier to prioritize your efforts. The article continues here.

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