Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Delma...

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago today around 7 a.m., I got that dreaded phone call from Debbie Moore telling me that we had lost you.
Even though I knew you were going to leave us, it didn't make it any easier or lessen the blow.
But, I think, 3 years later, you would be proud of how the art organization that you founded, Rio Rancho Art Association, has matured and the direction that it is taking.
The community outreach programs that you wanted to see happen (and we have a handful of outreach programs!) has been happening and is gaining momentum. 
You would also be proud of the people who keep coming forth to volunteer-we actually have many more new faces that step up to volunteer. Gone are the days when it was the same small and weary cast of characters who were always the ones to volunteer.
And, I think you'd be most proud of the direction RRAA is going in-we are about to file for our non-profit status (although, I am still holding my breath). I believe that soon, we really will, once and for all, have that non-profit status that you so wanted to see happen for RRAA.
Keep rooting for us from where you are. You are missed by many.

Hugs and much love,


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