Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adobe in the Cloud

 ("In the Cloud" copyright Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio)

Say you always wanted to get the 'whole enchilada' to Adobe's Creative Suite but find it impossible to cough up the green stuff to pay for it. And maybe your computer doesn't have enough memory to install the program anyway. But, what if I told you that now there is a way to have access to that 'whole enchilada' at an affordable price and you wouldn't need to do a thing to boost your RAM-would you be at least somewhat interested? Oh, wait-and you can do a month's worth of a free trial version of said 'enchilada'. Now, are you interested?

"Adobe has released Adobe Creative Suite 6 and all-new Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Suite 6 is a killer release with hundreds of new capabilities. Many Adobe customers are excited about it, but some still have questions, especially about Creative Cloud."


I hope you do read the article. It addresses a lot of key points that a potential buyer would have. I myself have downloaded it and now I have the whole enchilada for a mere $29.99 per month-at least for the next year.

I also hope that you at least download the free trial version and play to your heat's content for a month. It's a great way to find out if you really wanted that 'whole enchilada' to begin with!

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