Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Critical Mass Top 50

The very influential folks over at Photolucida and their blog have put out the 2008 Critical Mass Top 50. Coming from me by know you must realize this is about photography and the I guess those of you reading this are asking what is the Critical Mass Top 50. Well I think they best describe themselves.

"The aim of Critical Mass, and all Photolucida programming, is to provide participants with career-building opportunities and to promote the best emerging and mid-career artists working today.

Critical Mass is a program about exposure and community."
While I have not considered myself at this level yet and so alas you will not find my name amongst the ranks the photographers that are part of the list, the ones that are on the list really are the embodiment of the current state of the Photographic Art. I can't say that I am personally moved by all of the works but there are many that I think will at the least be thought provoking. Rather than me submitting yet another list of things for you to look at as my choices, I encourage you to check out the photographers. Even if you are a painter or work in another medium I think you might learn something and while I am in a personal struggle with Post Modernism in Photography you just never know what might come of your own pursuit.


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Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Thanks, Alan! Really intriguing and interesting. I think even if one submitted and got 'rejected' it would be a valuable excercise to do.