Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anime Photoshoot

This was the second part of a RRAA community program done at the Esther Bone Library. Using live models dressed in Anime costumes, the artists paired up with students and did a photo shoot. All photos posted here are courtesy of Paula Scott (Molokai Girl Studio). These images are subject to copyright law; please do not use them without obtaining permission first.

Mandi dressed as Lulu from the Anime series called "Final Fantasy X". Make sure you click on the links provided (anything that is highlighted) in this post to find out more about the story line.

Here's a 'bird's eye' glimpse of the set up we used.

Ashley dressed as Misa from the Anime segment called, "Death Note".

Amanda dressed as Revy from the Anime series called, "Black Lagoon".

I love this group shot. I think it speaks of the characters that these young ladies represent, but also conveys the close bond between the three of them and the passion they share in their interest in Anime/Manga.

That's Sarah on the floor (a student) getting into the photo shoot along with the rest of us. Did I tell you how much fun we all had?

Mandi dressed as the Anime character, Chii (in Googling this character, the costumes for it are endless). This character is from the Anime series called, "Chobits".

Amanda dressed as Tifa from the series, "Final Fantasy VII".

Ashley dressed as Yaya from the series called "Othello".

We also had a delightful young man drop in to see what was going on and he ended up joining us. His name is Jason and he was wishing he had his camera with him. Naomi (an RRAA member) lent him hers to take pictures with and he will get copies of his work via her. We all decided that he should model too. He is a natural!

To the RRAA members that didn't take advantage of this unique opportunity, all we can say is that you really missed out! All of us had a great time and we all gained from the experience (two of the RRAA photographers were landscape photographers, so this was out of the element for them and for me). Along with myself, the other RRAA photographers were: Naomi Hartman, Linda Laitner, and Elliott Framan.

A very deep thank you to Mandi for coming up with this idea and to Rob Nankin, library manager for running with it.

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