Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paint With an Artist (with Anime model)

A community program event sponsored by RRAA in partnership with the Esther Bone Library called, "Paint With an Artist (or draw)" using a live model dressed in Anime costume.

Our model Mandi (she came up with the concept of being a model in Anime costume). Her character is called, Chii and this is from the Anime series called, "Chobits".

Overview shot of the set up that we had there at the library.

Seth (camera shy) with his work in progress.

Hartell (I'm not sure if I have his name spelled correctly) with his work in progress. He too, was camera shy.

Arick with his painting in progress.

Joshua with his work in progress. This was his first time using the watercolor as a paint medium. He is an old pro with the oils.

Iyliana (I 'm not sure if I have her name spelled correctly here too) with her work. She was fearless in her approach!

Joanne McDevitt (who paired up with Arick) here with Model Mandi and Arick, along with his completed work. Good job, huh?

Here's Seth's completed drawing. Since he was camera shy, this is all we get to see folks! I love the content that he added to his work.

Joshua's painting. Pretty neat, huh?

Joshua with our model, Mandi along with his completed work. By the way, some of Joshua's work will be on exhibit at the Esther Bone Library (the "yellow wall" in the reading room) from March 5th through May 2nd. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Thank you Mandi, for the concept and time! And to the library manager, Rob Nankin for the collaboration on this project. Last, but not least, thank you to the artists who donated their time and supplies to give these students a chance to experience something very unique and different. Thanks to Annette Kornbrekke, Joanne McDevitt, Sue Beck, Naomi Hartman and to Nan Adamson. I would say that this was a complete success!

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