Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Invisibility Factor

“My goal in life is to be invisible...and I am very good at it” (Princess Mia, “The Princess Diaries”) My favorite movie quote of all time. This is what I have aspired to in my life. But all good things must come to an end. *grin*

Most artists want to be known to art patrons around the world. They work hard and market themselves and they join associations and groups, and take classes and get degrees, and teach and...well, you get the picture. They want to be “known”.

Me, not so much. I have lived my life to be invisible to the outside world. Marketing myself has come really hard, because of this attitude.

I love making art, and sometimes what I do astounds me because I don’t get tired of looking at it. When I get tired of looking at a piece of art it makes me want to toss it out or put it in a yard sale. Or just gesso over it and do something else.

I have more art in my head than I have produced. Often, I lie awake at night and piece together the parts that I know I have stored. And on waking up and sorting through the parts I am always surprised by something I’ve forgotten I have. It’s an adventure. My tag line is “Where every day meets surprise”.

But the putting myself “out there” is the hardest part. I want people to see my art, but not me. I love when someone sees something I did and gushes over it or stands there with the chin in hand studying it. I like the way they see it.

I am learning that it’s not a bad thing for people to notice me. The artist. The one who comes with the art. It’s all a part of the whole. Acceptance of this fact is slowly (but surely) dawning on my psyche. People will see me.

I find many artists have this problem. It’s not just me. Rio Rancho Art Association and all the people in it have shown me over and over that it’s ok to be noticed. Thanks for that.

Sue Hanauer

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