Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ricardo Demonstrates His Curvisimo Technique

At the monthly Rio Rancho Art Association meetings, there is a program presentation that follows the business portion of the meeting. The  programs usually consists of an artist demonstration or an art related topic by way of a forum, lecture or multi media presentation.

At our March membership meeting, artist, Ricardo Chavez-Mendez demonstrated his 'curvisimo' technique. He normally demonstrates on canvas, but at this particular demonstration, the canvas got left behind somehow, so he created for us a rare and unique piece of his art on cardboard. Improvisation often makes for something unexpected!


Sue Hanauer said...

Even tho you used your cellphone for the pictures, the way you presented was really great...Paula, you will be a great videographer soon!!


Painting Workshop said...

I liked your video! i like the painting! By the way, If u have time drop by my painting blog. Thanks!.. .daniel

Anonymous said...

It was truly amazing to watch Ricardo paint. Starting from just a few lines to a painting that looked 3D. On cardboard no less! Painting is not my medium but I felt like painting when I left.