Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Told You So!!

(painting done by Jacki Newell, "Main Street in December", 12" x 12" oil)

I hear a lot of artists complaining about how difficult it is to sell their work. The 'marketing' aspect of your work is important. Even if you do have gallery representation, it is still important to send out your own marketing newsletter-usually you let your audience know of upcoming shows, awards, etc. In this case, artist, Jacki Newell reaffirmed first hand on how that kind of work can really pay off. Seven of her paintings sold before the gallery even had a chance to hang them on the wall! Read on as to how and why:

Exciting Week Part II
by Jacki Newell

We're not normally "I told you so" type of people, but we told you so. :-) We cannot stress enough the importance of sending a worked for Jacki and it can work for you, too. [...]

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AND, if you do not have a website, you should. There are many companies out there (such as Fine Art Studios On Line) that make it easy and affordable and you have control over it. It is not as difficult as you would think. A website is a presence and a form of credentials. I hear a lot of artists complaining about the world of technology and 'computer stuff', but, unless you know you are going to be falling off of this planet anytime soon, you really should pursue getting your work up on a website. More and more people search the internet. Surprisingly, more and more people (about 60%) search by way of their mobile phones. Something to think about...

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