Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's Up With Pinterest?

There have been MANY discussions via forums, blog articles, etc. in regards to Pinterest lately. Most of us are confused and apprehensive.

In this You Tube video, join Trey Ratcliff  along with Thomas Hawk, Denise Howell, Kalebra Kelby, Patrick Di Fruscia , and Jodi Ettenberg for a lively discussion all about Pinterest, Photographers, Copyright, Online Sharing, etc etc...

Extra stuff includes but is not limited to: Sharing New Photography, Embarrassing Photos of Trey as a Kid, Other Photographer Discoveries..

Each of these participants have written their own articles on Pinterest on their blogs:

Pinterest Links:
Trey: http://pinterest.com/treyratcliff/
Thomas: http://pinterest.com/thomashawk/
Kalebra: http://pinterest.com/flygirlkpie/
Denise: http://pinterest.com/denisemhowell/
Patrick: http://pinterest.com/difruscia/
Jodi: http://pinterest.com/jodiettenberg/

I will be posting even MORE articles from other sources in the near future, so this discussion here is just the beginning...stay tuned!

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