Friday, September 21, 2012

Expanding on the Golden MXR Post

In a post previous to this, Annette introduced us to a new on line tool that Golden Paints has created to help artists mix paint colors.

After viewing the video that demonstrates this, I would like to emphasize what a GREAT tool this is. Haven't you ever been frustrated when mixing paints to achieve an exact color that you find yourself mixing too much paint in order to achieve the results you are after? Or, ran out of the custom color and did not have good notes on the color mix ratio and experiencing another level of frustration in trying to recreate that custom color.

Now, Golden has made this process as easy as pie...well, I think pie isn't easy to make, so, as easy as boiling water!

View the video here to get a full grasp of what we are talking about-and perhaps get as excited as we are to have access to this kind of color mixing tool:

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