Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Choosing between a haphazard approach to a 'on purpose approach'

Does this sound like you:

Do you...

-feel like you’re constantly scrambling to get your artwork finished in time for a show? 

-juggle many responsibilities and feel overwhelmed or frazzled from trying to get it all done?

-wish you were more organized so you didn’t waste time looking for things in your studio or rushing to complete tasks? 

-wonder why you never get around to writing or updating your artist bio? 

Well, you’re not alone! 

The Rio Rancho Art Association is pleased to present our frist program for the year 2013 (and what a great way to start the year!) with Christine Herman who will be our program presenter for the January program. 

Christine Herman is a creative catalyst coach and professional artist dedicated to guiding artists to find their greatest truth through the joyful gateway of creative self-expression. Her presentation will help artists to organize, get creative and make the most of their time and activities:
This program will take place at the Jan 9th monthly membership meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the St. Francis Episcopal Church Hall located on 2903 Cabezon Rd.in Rio Rancho (the church is located on the corner of Golfcourse Rd. and Cabezon Rd.) in Rio Rancho. Meeting locations and program content is subject to change. The programs are free of charge and you need not be a member to attend. Find out more about each of these presenters by clicking on the links that are highlighted.

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