Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photography, The Internet, Copyright issues, Oh, MY!

From the blog, "Plagiarism Today" comes a great article that grapples with the myriad of complex issues that photographers today face amidst the landscape of the internet, social media, and other platforms:

The Challenge Faced by Photographers

Photographer ImageEvery type of content creator faces serious challenges these days.
Writers are plagiarized, spammed and scraped constantly online while the fledgling eBook market faces serious piracy challenges. Filmmakers face obvious piracy issues and are having to depend heavily on box office revenuesdue to a shrinking DVD market. The music industry’s downfall is well-documented as piracy and a shift to digital has deeply cut into sales.Despite recent gains, music sales are still down considerably from just ten years ago.
No matter what copyright industry you look at, the Internet has provided both great opportunities and severe challenges. READ MORE HERE...

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