Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Didn't I Think Of This?

Sometimes, when you see someone's simple solution to a problem that has plagued you nearly all of your life, you think to yourself, "why didn't I think of that?". Because the solution was so simple and under your nose, so to speak.
Barbara Delaney who writes for "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine shares some of these dirt simple solutions she learned from other artists:

"Thoughts for Thursday: smart tips from clever artists (written by Barbara Delaney):

I am lucky to be able to work with all of the talented contributing artists for Cloth Paper Scissors. Not only do I get to see their art, up close and personal, and learn new techniques, I also pick up some great little tricks along the way.
I decided to share a few of these tips with you.

I learned this  helpful tip from Kari McKnight Holbrook. SO simple . . . and SO smart!
You know those little plastic clips that hold bread bags and the like closed? Kari uses one to keep the end of a roll of tape accessible.
No more searching for the end of any tape roll for me!
I picked up this little tidbit (and lots more!) on Kari's Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD (Backgrounds to Bindings).
Coming soon!

You can read the rest of the article here...

Solutions that are so simple and brilliant. Why didn't I think of that?

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