Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who Loves to Market Themselves?

Nearly every artist I've talked to complains about how they hate to do their own marketing. If they could have someone else do it, that would be better (but most of us don't have that kind of budget!).

So, you want your work to sell. But, you hate marketing your art. Sounds like a pretty big conflict, doesn't it? It's as though 'sales' and marketing' are dirty words (or, a dirty job).

ArtBiz coach, Alyson Stanfield sums it up beautifully and calls a spade a spade, methinks-in her article titled,

"So You Don't Feel Like Marketing"
(by Alyson Stanfield)

Remember when you were a kid and your mom asked you to clean your room or to pick up your toys?
Remember the wrath that was imposed upon you when you replied to her request with a whiny “But I don’t feel like it, Mom”?
Pouting Boy
It’s time to ask yourself if you’re being your same childlike stubborn self when it comes to marketing your art. Are you avoiding too many marketing tasks because you “don’t feel like it?”
If you are trying to make money from your art, you are responsible for certain tasks that you may not feel like doing.
Alyson makes some very genuine points that every artist should stand up and pay attention to. It's a lot like that childhood fable about the Little Red Hen-no one wanted to help her plant the grain, water the wheat, harvest the crop and grind the grain to bake the bread. But, EVERYONE wanted to eat the bread.
Come on, embrace being that Little Red Hen and stop making excuses!

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