Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Professional Development for Artists Made Easy

Most artists are pretty good about seeking out classes and workshops in order to fine tune their technique and ability with their medium(s). However, when it comes to professional development  it is more often avoided rather than sought out. In fact, sometimes, I think people view it like the plague! Yes, if you are an artist with a desire to sell your work, that automatically makes you a small business owner, like it or not. So, why wouldn't you seek out ways to hone your business skills so that you can sell more of your art, thus giving you even greater excuses to create more?

If the chief reason why you don't seek out professional development is due to accessibility and cost, then I think I'm about to give a dead end to that 'excuse'!

Enter the Creative Capital Professional Development Programs (PDP)!

Here's the 'low down' from their site:

Artists can now access selected workshop content at home, in the studio or wherever there is a computer with internet access.
When? 7-9:30pm EST. Most webinars are offered on Mondays.
We offer at least two live webinars each month, so there are new opportunities to enhance your career year-round.

Where? Anywhere!
All you need is a computer with sound and an Internet connection.

Everyone is welcome!Who? Everyone!
Designed for artists of all disciplines and at all career stages. If you're new to professional development or just interested in a refresher course, there is something for everyone.

How Much? Only $25!


So, now what's your excuse?    : )
What would make it even more fun is for several to get together at one person's house and tune in on a webinar topic. After the session is over, share with each other what you got out of it. I think you will be amazed at what can unfold from there.

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