Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February 2014 Guest Speaker and Program

Making a Mark”
A short lecture and demonstration on printmaking by Ren Adams

 Hybrid print © Ren Adams

At this month's February program, our guest speaker will be Ren Adams. Renee will be giving a brief overview of printmaking.

Printmaking. What is printmaking? For those artists who use printmaking as their medium, they are often encountered with confounded looks from people when answering the question as to what medium they work in.

Printmaking is one of the oldest art forms in the world and it is a versatile medium with a wide variety of techniques that are used to create the matrix from which prints are made. These techniques include woodcuts, linocut, etching, intaglio, serigraph, and lithography.

The matrix used for printmaking is classically a block of material such as wood, rubber, or metal. In relief printing, the matrix is carved away to create a raised image, which prints in reverse. Intaglio printing involves incision of the matrix (which is how our currency is made-by plates that are etched), while planographic techniques like lithography use specially treated limestone or flat plates, with the ink adhering in some areas and not in others. The use of stencils and screen-printing tools is also a form of printmaking.

Renee will also demonstrate a watercolor monotype (without the use of a press). The painterly approach to monotypes can range from loose and spontaneous to structured and carefully planned ... and everything in between. In other words —this technique is for everyone!!

A short bio on Renee Adams: a Southern California native, Ren has been working in the visual arts for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on painting and printmaking, integrating traditional Chinese ink techniques with contemporary digital and mixed media concerns. She has a BFA in Studio Art (printmaking) from the University of New Mexico and is an MFA in Visual Arts candidate at the Art Institute of Boston. Ren has participated in a number of regional and national exhibitions and has also published poetry and illustrations. Ren’s primary body of work is concerned with the emergence of being from non-being, and its relationship to Eastern philosophy, physics, information systems and social networking. Ren currently teaches arts and humanities courses through the University of New Mexico.

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