Monday, January 6, 2014

Kicking Off 2014 With An Art Critique!

Image from University of Alaska Anchorage

Many of you have requested to bring in someone from the outside to critique our work-we've heard your request and have responded! For our art critique format this month you are asked to bring in a piece of art that you are NOT satisfied with, feels unresolved or not quite completed for a critique. Ralph Greene, owner of the Free Style Art Gallery will critique the piece and give you an informed and very professional feedback of your work.

Ralph Greene, not only is an international artist, but has been active in the local art scene for many years now and owns the Free Style Art Gallery in downtown Albuquerque. The gallery is located at 1114 Central Ave. SW.

If you are not in the habit of having your work critiqued regularly, this is a great chance to get that done (and has always been a popular program format with RRAA membership). You must be a current member in order to have your work critiqued, so make sure that your dues are paid up for 2014!

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