Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tesia Blackburn's Net Return On Teaching

What many people do not realize in regards to teaching-especially teaching an art class, is that a LOT of work and preparation goes into it. In fact, if you were to calculate an hourly wage for all of the prep time plus the teaching time and the follow up, you would be shocked and then wonder why people teach at all.

I, for one, am very appreciative of those that love to teach as I, and others benefit greatly from it. Tesia Blackburn shares her insights as to why she teaches-I might add that not only does she teach classes, but also has a Youtube channel that is an extension of her teaching.

image copyright: Tesia Blackburn
Teaching at Ghost Ranch

Permission To Be Passionate - Teaching in The Atelier Method
(Written by Tesia Blackburn)

"The virtue of an atelier school is its complete authenticity, its appropriateness to the purpose it serves. There is no compromise. For the study of art, it provides an artist’s domain and involves the focus on work which is an artist’s way of life. " I recently ran across this article on Frank Hobb's blog and found it amazingly readable and worthy.

I'm sure my thoughts will be a pale comparison to what Mercedes said but here goes. READ MORE

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