Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Aloha Oe

Aloha Oe (means farewell in Hawaiian)

Submitted by Paula Scott

When I joined RRAA in 2006 (I think that's when it was), I didn't know much about all the things that I've come to do for RRAA-nothing about social media, websites, press releases, curating an art show, hanging an art show, organizing an art show, let alone writing articles for the newspaper! I had just barely started blogging and felt like I had so much to learn. In fact, this March will be my 10th year as a blogger!  I will say that what it takes to learn all these things is to: 1) shut up your inner critic 2) give yourself permission to do it 3) have the curiosity of a child 4) know that babies won't die as a result of any of your mistakes. I also learn from so many other artists by way of example and even by asking them, "how do you do so and so...?"

I was really hesitant about volunteering for anything as I do have some chronic health issues and 10 years later, I have even more! Immersing myself into all the projects that I did for RRAA was the greatest place to hone my skills and to further myself professionally. The downside is, though, that I always put myself last in line. That's just me. I'm not sure if I'll ever really conquer that, but so it goes.

Now that I have been in the process of phasing myself out from all of the volunteer projects in RRAA and the City of Rio Rancho, my time is now spent on purging 22 years of massive accumulation (the downside to working in so many mediums-hence the need for an art sale). I'm sure many wonder what I will do with my time once I get settled into life on Molokai (which, believe me, is a 180 degree from life here in NM). Molokai is an island that is about 38 miles by 10 miles with approximately 7,000 residents. Very isolated, very rural. I like to tell my son that, 'help is a long ways off if you can get it'! The home that I will be living in is the home I grew up in and the house is about 70 years old and in dire need of attention after having tenants in it for 18 years. Our house and yard will keep us pretty busy.

But, once I get my studio up and going (I will be taking over the one-car garage), I made a commitment to myself-to focus on a cohesive body of work, seek successful gallery representation, develop online marketing and more. I'd like to see what my potential really is and actually dedicate time in exploring that. One of my fantasy goals is to have my work in the public art museum in Honolulu. I'd also like to find a permanent home for my Damien series done in 2009.

I hope that RRAA continues to be alive and to thrive even more so after I'm gone. I hope that others will be under the influence of the 'Delma effect' (see the history of RRAA section on the RRAA website). For this is what it needs to stay alive and well. Think about bringing in new people. Think about volunteering more. Think about learning a new task and taking it on. Leave your comfort zone more often. Heck, I left mine so often that I don't know where it is anymore!

I will miss New Mexico and my friends here more than you will ever know. After all, I've lived here for 22 years. This has been my home as much as Molokai is. If you're on Facebook (there she goes again) you will be able to follow me in my adventures. I have a personal timeline under my name (Paula Scott) and a Fan Page (business page) under Molokai Girl Studio. Of course, there is my website.

I hope to see some of you at my art sale on March 5th. There will also be a No Host brunch at Club Rio Rancho as a community farewell on Sunday April 24th from 11 am-2 pm (more details will be published in the April newsletter). Mark your calendars for his happy/sad day and join us as we say goodbye to all our friends here.

future home of Molokai Girl Studio

the backside of future home of Molokai Girl Studio

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