Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Artist In Residence Programs

Did you know that most of our National Parks have an "Artist In Residence" program? Each park has different stipulations as to what it entails, but all you need do is to type in a search for your favorite National Park and look for the program within their site. Even if there is none listed on the website, you might want to contact the park directly since information posted to these sites rarely happens in real time.

If you applied to the Hubbell Trading Post and got accepted, you would be staying on site at this hogan:

That's where RRAA member, Linda Laitner will be staying later on this year as SHE got accepted as an artist in residence at the Hubbell Trading Post in Arizona!

Congratulations, Linda!


Nina Baldwin said...

I know you are going to love your experience at Hubbell Trading Post, Linda! Congratulations on being chosen! You go, girl!!!

Anonymous said...
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